Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Tutorial - Alight Motion

Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Tutorial

Short blog about How To Make Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Tutorial using Alight Motion app. By this article we can easily create a trending shayari reels video and got millions of views.

Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Tutorial
Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Tutorial

Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Reels Tutorial - Alight Motion

Before creating shayari reels for Instagram we need some materials which is listed below.

  • A two line shayari (Hindi/English)
  • A perfect aesthetic background which can relate your shayari.
  • Instagram logo
  • Most important Alight Motion

Note : all of these materials available in this article below.

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Okay, now we've downloaded all materials, so let's start editing.

How To Create Instagram Trending Shayari Reels?

I have uploaded a tutorial video of Instagram Viral Shayari Reels which is embedded below, please watch tutorial careful and enjoy our editing.

If you like this tutorial video for shayari reels video editing please subscribe our youtube channel @SHAHMA EDITS because I'll upload trending video related video editing over there.


Download Materials:

Here you can download these materials which I used to make Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Tutorial, simply download it by clicking in just one click.

  1. Alight Motion
  2. XML File
  3. Instagram Logo
  4. Background Video




I hope that you have created instagram viral shayari reels video successfully. If you like this please share with your friends and other social media platforms.

Thank you so much 🥰💞

See you soon 🤗

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