God I'm Dying Now She is Happy How Edit ⚡ Alight Motion Video Editing

A short blog about How To Make God I'm dying now she is happy how edit. In this blog I'll explain to create this type of transition effect with trending lyrics video using Alight Motion, which is very popular on Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts.

God I'm Dying Now Edit

in this era mostly people loved to watch reels and some of them want to create reels on Instagram. So I'm here with a tutorial video of a reels which is very popular on Instagram.

Thumbnail edit by @Shahma Edits

To edit God I'm dying now she is happy how, you have to follow few steps which is given below.

  1. Download XML Preset.
  2. Export it into Alight Motion.
  3. Add your clips or footage.
[ I have embedded a tutorial below where you can easily create this video following these steps ]

Download Materials

Here you can download these materials which I used to make Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Video, simply download it by clicking in just one click.

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I hope that you have created instagram viral shayari reels video successfully. If you like this please share with your friends and other social media platforms.

Thank you so much 🥰💞

See you next 😎

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