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Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Editing

A short blog about how to make Instagram Viral Shayari / Quotes Reels Video. Nowadays this is very popular and people use to make reels like like this, so in this article we will learn to create trending instagram glitch effect shayari reels.

Instagram Viral Shayari Reels Editing
Instagram Viral Shayari/Quotes Reels Editing

How To Edit Instagram Viral Shayari Reels?

While creating Instagram Viral Shayari Reels I have used two applications the name is Pixellab and InShot. Both application you can download from below.

➪ PixelLab
  1. Firstly you have choose a shayari/quotes.
  2. Choose a background picture / video related to your shayari / quotes. [ use Pinterest app to find best picture for your Quotes Reels Editing ]
  3. Then make a quotes design using pixellab.
  4. Save it as PNG format.

  1. Using inshot application you have to create new video project in 16:9 ( full screen ) ratio.
  2. Add a background picture.
  3. Add glitch effect in background picture ( Effect > Glitch > JPEG )
  4. Add quotes png image as PiP mode.
  5. Add background music related to quotes.
  6. Now export it.

[ Note : while creating Instagram Viral Shayari Reels if you get any problem, I have mentioned a tutorial video below. Where you can easily understand the process ]

If you like this tutorial video for glitch shayari reels video editing please subscribe our youtube channel @SHAHMA EDITS because I'll upload trending videos related Instagram reels video editing over there.

Download Materials

You can download these materials which I used to make Instagram Viral Gitch Effect Shayari Reels Video, simply download it in just one click.

  1. PixelLab
  2. InShot
  3. Instagram Logo
  4. Aller std Font

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I hope that you have created instagram viral shayari reels video successfully. If you like this please share with your friends and other social media platforms.

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